What do I do if my student is absent?

Call the absence recorder at 707-453-6205 -or-

Email Nicole the Attendance Secretary at [email protected]

Can I apply for short-term independent study?

Please contact Nicole Montano, the Attendance Secretary, to discuss the process for applying.

Independent Study

If you find that you must take your child out of school and will be gone for 5 or more consecutive school days, you may complete an Independent Study Contract.

Short Term Independent Study - English

Short Term Independent Study - Español

Independent Study Procedures

  • 10 days prior to the first day a student will be gone for Short Term Independent Study; parents must fill out a form from the office, requesting the Short Term Independent Study packet, indicating the dates the student will not be in school and the reason for the absence.
  • Parents complete the Voluntary Independent Study Agreement Form and obtain the required signatures (student and parent). Return the form to the attendance secretary, Loretta Grant, in front office.
  • The attendance secretary will review the form and follow up with the Administration for approval or denial. Independent Study requests will NOT be approved during District and State Assessments usually held in May.
  • Upon approval of the Independent Study, the teacher will give the student assignments prior to the first day listed on the Independent Study Contract to be completed.
  • All assignments are due upon the student’s return to school. In order to receive full credit all work assigned must be completed. Partial credit will be given for incomplete contracts and the parent will be notified.

Class Change Information

Class Change Request

Classes are created based on many criteria in order to meet the needs of all students and school-wide programs. The policy on class assignments follows the VUSD District Board Policy 6152. Should you decide to request a class assignment change, you must start by allowing 2 weeks and then meet with the teacher to identify the concerns in writing and to seek solutions. This is the first step in the AR 6152 policy.

The best way to achieve success in the classroom is through regular communication between the student, teacher, and parent. If there is a concern regarding placement, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Allow two weeks, at the start of the school year or grading period, for student to adjust to class.Parent and/or student and teacher meet.
  2. Concerns should be communicated and explained.
  3. Modification should be explored.
  4. A written plan, including a timeline of at least three weeks, should be developed and implemented to resolved the concerns.
  5. A copy of this plan, agreed upon by the parent and/or student and teacher, should be given to the student’s assigned administrator.

If an agreement cannot be reached or the plan implemented is not successful, a request for a class change should be directed to the site principal. The class change may be honored provided subject level placement is available and the corresponding increase in enrollment in the receiving class is appropriate.
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