Records & Transcripts

Requesting Transcripts

High school transcripts are retained at the school site in perpetuity. Three years after the date of graduation the student cumulative file is destroyed. The transcript is retained at the school of attendance indefinitely.

There is a charge for transcripts, payable upon request. All outstanding student debts must be cleared to obtain copies of transcripts. To request a transcript for a graduate or non-graduate, contact the registrar at your last school of attendance:

Buckingham Charter Magnet High School Registrar: (707) 453-7319
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Kimme WRAP (Country High School) Registrar: (707) 453-6215
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Ernest Kimme Charter Academy Registrar: (707) 453-6260
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Will C. Wood High School Registrar: (707) 453-6902
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Vacaville High School Registrar: (707) 453-6027
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During summer months, please contact:
Educational Services Department
401 Nut Tree Road, Vacaville
(707) 453-6118 or (707) 453-6116

Privacy Rights

Pursuant to the "Privacy Rights of Parents and Students Act of 1974" this is to inform you of your rights regarding student records. The rights apply to the parents of minors, and to students age 18 or older (but not to their parents unless they are declaring the student as an income tax deduction). You may request an opportunity to inspect any and all official school records, files, and data related to your child. Students 18 or older have the right to access their records. If information in the file is inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate, you may request removal of the information or include a statement disputing the material which you challenge. If the school fails to respond to your request to review these records, you have the right to file a complaint with the State Department of Education.

Types of Records

The district maintains several kinds of records. The building principal is responsible for their custody and requests for access must be directed to him/her. Staff members (teachers, counselors, and other student services personnel) have access to the records to review your child's academic, physical and social development for the purpose of enhancing his/her academic or educational program.

Files include:

  • a permanent record of birth information, periods of enrollment, and scholastic records;
  • a cumulative record of test scores, developmental information, courses of study, and disciplinary notations;
  • an attendance file;
  • health records
  • records required for admission to, and progress in, special education programs;
  • teachers' observations and recommendations in regard to educational and social development;

Student files are reviewed periodically by school/district staff to ensure that information is accurate and appropriate. Removed material is destroyed in accordance with State Law.

Record Information

Review of Records

It is the policy of the Vacaville Unified School District to provide parents and other persons authorized by law the right to inspect and review any and all official records, files and data concerning pupils, and to deny access to such records to persons not authorized by law.

  • Parents have the right to inspect and review any and all school records, files and data related to their minor child. The school will make these documents available for inspection at a mutually convenient time during the regular school day.
  • If the information in the files is inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate, the parent may request the removal of the information or may include in the file a statement disputing the material being challenged. District staff will inform parents of the procedures to be followed in making such a challenge.
  • The school district is not authorized to permit access to student records to anyone without written parental consent, except to the following: school personnel with legitimate educational interest; schools of intended enrollment; specified local, state and federal authorities; and institutions entitled by law to such information.
  • The school may release without prior consent certain "directory information" (student's name, birth date, birthplace, address, major field of study, awards, participation in sports or other activities, dates of attendance and previous school attended) to the news media, parent-school organizations or to employers. No directory information will be released to anyone if the parent requests that the district withhold such information.
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