Gifted and Talented Education

What Is GATE?

GATE stands for Gifted and Talented Education. The mission of GATE is to provide an enriched and differentiated learning experiences for identified gifted and talented students within the classroom. Standards-based curriculum supported with the elements of depth, complexity, novelty and acceleration ensure that students are provided with challenging learning experiences. Through a differentiated approach, students will develop their intellectual, emotional, creative and social gifts to the fullest.

The focus of our elementary GATE services starts in the regular classroom. Elementary GATE identification at VUSD is implemented in the form of cluster groupings and enrichment activities. Cluster groupings are groups of identified GATE students within a regular classroom. Gifted students will be offered challenging & enriching activities commensurate with their abilities by their classroom teacher. Additional enrichment activities are offered through elementary school Super Saturday events as well.

GATE Identification And Resources

Students referred in grades 2-6 for testing are assessed utilizing the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test [Version 3] this year.

The NNAT3 [Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test] is a brief, culture fair and nonverbal measure of intellectual ability. The assessment consists of 48 questions that rely upon reasoning using figural designs, not upon verbal skills. The 'problems' are challenges in Pattern Completion [PC]; Reasoning by Analogy [RA]; Serial Reasoning [SR]; and Spatial Visualization [SV]. View more information and sample test questions at this website.

NOTE: Standards of qualification via Intellectual Ability [NNAT3] and/or Academic Achievement will be modified to show exemplary academic success for the next year as a direct result of sunset of California Standards Testing [CST] in 2013.


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