Dally Village Ribbon Cutting

Dally Village Ribbon Cutting
Posted on 03/16/2023
Dally Village Ribbon Cutting

Shelley Dally's lifelong dedication to the Vacaville School District is truly remarkable. Her journey began over 40 years ago as a student teacher eager to make a difference in the lives of young learners. Over the years, she became a beloved school principal who created two successful programs that still thrive today.

The first program, the Alternative Cooperative Education Program (ACE), is located at Hemlock Elementary and provides a unique and personalized educational experience for students who do not fit within traditional educational programs. Shelley's vision for ACE was to create a program that accommodated the needs of all students, regardless of their background or abilities. Today, ACE provides a supportive and nurturing learning environment for students who might otherwise struggle in a traditional classroom setting.

The second program that Shelley created is the Spanish dual-immersion language program at Markham Elementary. Shelley recognized the importance of cultural diversity and wanted to allow students to learn a second language while celebrating the Latino culture. The program has been a resounding success, and its graduates are well-prepared to succeed in an increasingly globalized world.

Shelley's impact on the Vacaville School District is immeasurable. She was not only a wonderful teacher and principal, but she was also a visionary leader who recognized the unique needs of her students and worked tirelessly to ensure that they had the resources and support they needed to succeed.

In addition to her work in the classroom, Shelley also served on the VUSD Board for nine years. Shelley strongly advocated for students and teachers during her time on the board. She brought her passion for education to the boardroom. She worked tirelessly to ensure that all students had access to high-quality education.

The Shelley Dally Early Learning Village is a fitting tribute to Shelley's many years of service and her tireless dedication to education. It reflects her unwavering commitment to inclusivity and her vision for a world where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Shelley Dally's impact on the Vacaville School District will be felt for generations. Her legacy lives on in the many programs and initiatives she created. The VUSD proudly honors her by naming the Shelley Dally Early Learning Village.

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